What to Expect

The Estimate Process

The Estimate Process

The Estimate Process

When scheduling your estimate with Hlebechuk Painting LLC, it is important to us that we meet at a time when all parties are available (i.e. both spouses). We will begin by asking you what services you need done and what you are looking to get out of your experience with us and your paint job. 

This is your chance to interview us and decide if we are the company that you want to support with your business. We encourage you to learn a bit about us before this meeting and we welcome questions of all kinds! 

After thoroughly answering any questions you may have, we will take measurements of the house and calculate an estimate. If you like, a numerical bid can often be given on the spot. However, in most cases, we will send a written proposal by email within 2 business days.

The proposal will detail the work to be done and the products to be used. It will list the price of the job and any additional add-ons that were discussed.

Scheduling and payment plan options may be included as well.

You will then be able to study the proposal at your leisure and call or email us if you decide to contract with us.

Thank you!

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The Event

The Estimate Process

The Estimate Process

We will begin the job by protecting your landscaping and driveways using cloth and plastic drop cloths. At times, some greenery may need to be pruned or tied back to allow access to the surface of the home. 

The most important step to any paint job is surface preparation. The project will begin with pressure washing the surface to remove all dirt, cobwebs, and any loose paint. Next, we will remove additional loose and peeling paint by scraping the surface. At this time, we will also remove any failing caulking from cracks and joints.

Once the surface has been completely cleaned, we will prime any bare wood and caulk any cracks or holes. These steps protect the wood from moisture.

After the surface is fully prepared, we will begin by spraying the first coat of paint on the body of the home. This coat may be brushed in to ensure complete protection (particularly necessary on older, porous siding). The second coat will be sprayed on to allow for an even finish.

Often, the trim (fascias, doors, and door/window frames) will receive both coats of paint by hand. 

Clean up will occur daily and upon job completion. We have a pack-it-in, pack-it-out policy.

We appreciate any comments or concerns about your experience. We use a survey to get feedback from our customers and often ask for online reviews, as well. Upon completion of the job, you will receive an invoice and a quality survey. Please take the time to critque and comment on our practices. It is our goal to provide rewarding experiences and quality workmanship, so your opinion is important!

Thank you for your business!

**Every job is unique. Expect variations of this process. This is meant only as a guide, we may make changes as necessary. Your individual proposal will outline the scope of work for your unique project.