Hlebechuk Painting 5-year Limited Guarantee

 Hlebechuk Painting LLC provides a five (5) year guarantee on all workmanship following the date of purchase and payment. Hlebechuk Painting LLC also provides a complimentary inspection and touch-up after (2) years of completion. In the last year of agreement, Hlebechuk Painting LLC will provide inspection and touch-up of workmanship. Customer will provide any materials needed for touch-up. Payment must be received in full, or as specified in contract for the guarantee to apply.

Guarantee work is limited to the original affected area. Hlebechuk Painting LLC will completely repaint a surface only if more than 50% of the area is failing. 

The Hlebechuk Paining LLC guarantee is transferable with home, if sold or inherited.

The following circumstances will void this guarantee:

1. If payment is not received in full upon completion, or as otherwise specified in


2. If breakdown occurs to any previously applied materials or workmanship.

3. If an 'Act of God' causes breakdown of materials or workmanship.

4. Horizontal surfaces are specifically not guaranteed.

5. Mold and mildew are specifically not guaranteed; except on complete repaints.